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How to Upload Images

A home remodel can be a rewarding endeavor. But it can also be an emotional and financial challenge. For these and many other reasons, most remodelers choose to document their home projects in the form of photos. In the event of a misunderstanding or mistake during the building phase of your remodel, these photos can serve as an important reference point for resolution. They also offer an enjoyable way to share your accomplishment with friends and family long after the last coat of paint has been applied.

Follow these steps to upload images to your RemodelGuide account:

1.) Go to “My Pictures” in your control panel.

2.) Click “Upload.”

3.) Click “Browse” and find the image(s) you want to upload. Click “OK.”

4.) Select “My Project Photos” from the dropdown menu on the Upload page. (If the image you’re uploading is a scanned document, for example a building permit, you probably want to select “My Documents” instead.)

upload dropdown menu

5.) Click “Upload.”

That’s it! Now you can view your pictures in the “My Pictures” area, share them with friends, or just store them for later!

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